Saturday, January 31, 2009

Take One

I've thus named this blog "There's something more important I should be doing" because in truth whenever I blog there is always something more pressing and more demanding of my time. And, procrastinator that I am, I can't help but follow my To Do List in the opposite order of importance. I try, God knows, to tackle tasks in the correct order, but it always seems that the most important ones are also the most boring to me.

Case in point: Homework. I am entering my 4th week of Grad School, taking a full load of classes. And instead of doing my reading, researching for my major papers and projects, what am I doing? Writing this first blog. When I know, I know I shouldn't be.

So, suffice to say that posts will be made when I am under the most stress. I've written blogs in the past, first on AOL, chronicling my time in Los Angeles, and then on myspace, which I still occasionally use, continuing my chronicles in Los Angeles, New York City, and finally, once again, Buffalo.

My past blogs were titled in reference to my "Fairy Princess" alter-ego, she that is too young to be called a Fag Hag. However the last few years has seen my Gay-dar become rusty, and the number of gays I could call my own dwindle. Yes, it seems that life after a theatre degree has led me to mix with the hetero- world. Don't get me wrong, I love my gays, but we've gone our separate ways for the most part. A little sad, but such is growing up.

So, now my procrastination has taken an evil turn; if I continue writing I will totally screw myself with the amount of work I have to get done tomorrow.

And when it turns evil is when I must sign off.

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  1. Yea! I am your first comment!

    I also can't believe you are already starting your fourth week of school - wow it goes by fast!