Saturday, March 7, 2009

Chinese New Year

I just looked at my profile and saw that I am, according to the Chinese Zodiac, a sheep.
So I am a leo and a sheep. Could that maybe be whittled to a lion and a lamb? Somehow, although I'd like to say I'm not a sheep, that I am a goat, I follow my own path and refuse to be shepherded (for lack of a better term) in with the rest of the mutton, I like the idea of being part lion, part lamb.

It matches my personality, loving and gentle and kind but don't piss me off because I have been known to rage and roar.

Sigh, or maybe it's just the lack of sleep. I'm writing from a hotel room in El Paso, where I am spending about $ 500 this weekend on travel expenses alone to see my boyfriend/unofficial fiance. He's stationed here at Fort Bliss, named after a soldier, not the state of mind. But getting in around 9:30 last night and walking out into the 70 degree breezy weather? Well, after a winter in Buffalo, it did seem blissful. And palm trees! I almost feel like I'm back in the cradled warmth of my SoCal winter. Ah how I miss that weather.

And the weather is especially nice because after shaving my head earlier this week I truly feel it! Now, it's not shaved bald, but there's not a lot left to it. And so I wear headscarves and am figuring out fun and funky ways of styling them. I think, that even after my hair grows back I am going to continue to wear the head scarf. It's very new bohemian chic if I do say so myself and I expect this to become the newest retro trend within the next 3-5 years. Mark my words people. And it all started with cancer research.

I raised almost $ 800 in two weeks and still counting, because you can STILL make donations to help me reach my goal of $ 1,000. Visit and look up me, Melissa Seifert, and donate under my webpage. It's a great cause, cancer research and patient care. Like I said when Roswell interviewed me, I know I'm not smart enough to be the person to find the cure, but I can help raise the money to fund that person!

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